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Swimming Pools Pennsylvania

Discover one of the top swimming pool manufacturers right here. Thanks to their straightforward installation process and modular design, you can enjoy a new swimming pool delivered directly to your doorstep in Pennsylvania in just a few days.

Swimming Pools Pennsylvania


Best Swimming Pools in Pennsylvania

Our modular designs allow you to build and design any size pool in Pennsylvania. With the flexibility to be installed inground, on-ground, or partially above-ground, the decision is entirely up to you. From 8' x 20' to L-Shaped shipping-container pools, there is an Ecopool to fit every backyard.


Cost to Install a Pool in Pennsylvania

Installing a swimming pool in Pennsylvania is an exciting venture that can transform your backyard into a personal oasis. While the average cost for a traditional in-ground pool in this region generally falls between $50,000 to $70,000, expenses can quickly ascend when factoring in custom designs, landscaping, and additional features. Ecopool's innovative modular swimming pool design, crafted from durable shipping containers, offers a more economical and sustainable alternative for Pennsylvania homeowners. Not only does this cutting-edge approach drastically reduce installation time, but it also slashes costs significantly, often saving thousands of dollars compared to conventional pool installations. This makes owning a stylish, functional, and eco-friendly pool more feasible for Pennsylvanians looking to dive into the luxury of at-home swimming without breaking the bank.

Swimming Pool in Pennsylvania
Swimming Pool Builder Pennsylvania


The Ecopool Advantage

In Pennsylvania, a state known for its scenic beauty and varying climate, several distinctive design features are particularly popular for swimming pools. Residents often prioritize incorporating hot tubs into their pool areas to enjoy a year-round aquatic experience, especially during the brisk winter months. Enclosed pools also see substantial demand, offering a solution akin to Florida's popular screened-in pools that allow for swimming regardless of the weather. By adding retractable enclosures, pool owners can easily switch between an open-air and protected environment. Pennsylvania's penchant for naturalistic designs reflects in many backyards, with pools that blend organically with surrounding greenery, featuring elements such as stone decks, waterfalls, and integrated landscaping. This combination of practical and aesthetically pleasing features ensures that pools in Pennsylvania not only enhance the beauty of the property but also provide functional enjoyment through all four seasons.


Locations in Pennsylvania

Ecopool proudly caters to all cities in Pennsylvania. From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, we deliver and install across the entire state of Pennsylvania.

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Allentown
  • Erie
  • Reading
  • Scranton
  • Bethlehem
  • Lancaster
  • + Every other city in Pennsylvania
Ecopool Swimming Pools in Pennsylvania
Ecopool Container Swimming Pools in Pennsylvania


Permits Needed For a Pool in Pennsylvania

When planning to install a swimming pool in Pennsylvania, one crucial step is to obtain the necessary permits. It's vital to ensure that your project complies with local regulations and safety standards. To find detailed information regarding the required permits, zoning laws, and construction codes, a primary resource is the official Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection website at Pennsylvania DEP. Additionally, it's recommended to visit the specific municipal or county website where your property is located. For example, you can find relevant information on the City of Philadelphia's website at City of Philadelphia or the Allegheny County website at Allegheny County. Always ensure you are consulting the correct local government websites to get the most accurate and up-to-date information for your pool installation project.


A Pool for Every Backyard.

Explore each standard container pool we offer. Want a different size? Contact us and we can make your dreams a reality.

8ft x 20ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Compact

8' x 20'

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8ft x 40ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Ideal Lap Pool

8' x 40'

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16ft x 20ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool The Most Popular

16' x 20'

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16ft x 40ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Spacious

16' x 40'

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16ft x 60ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Gigantic

16' x 60'

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L-Shape Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Unique


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U-Shape Ecopool Container Swimming Pool One of a Kind


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8ft x 60ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Expanded Laps

8' x 60'

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