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Swimming Pools Connecticut

Explore one of Connecticut's largest swimming pool manufacturers. With an easy installation process and a modular design, you could be swimming within days, and it can be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

Swimming Pools Connecticut


Best Swimming Pools in Connecticut

Our modular designs allow you to build and design any size pool in Connecticut. With the flexibility to be installed inground, on-ground, or partially above-ground, the decision is entirely yours. From 8' x 20' to L-Shaped shipping-container pools, there's an Ecopool that perfectly fits every backyard.


Cost to Install a Pool in Connecticut

The cost of installing a swimming pool in Connecticut typically ranges from $50,000 to $100,000, depending on factors like size, design, and additional features. However, Ecopool's innovative modular swimming pool design, particularly their use of shipping containers, offers a unique and cost-effective alternative. These modular pools not only provide an eco-friendly and stylish option but also can significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs. Ecopool’s patented design ensures that Connecticut residents can enjoy luxurious swimming pools while potentially saving thousands of dollars. Their approach simplifies the installation process, minimizes land disruption, and reduces the long-term costs associated with traditional pool construction, making Ecopool an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in a pool in Connecticut.

Swimming Pool in Connecticut
Swimming Pool Builder Connecticut


The Ecopool Advantage

In Connecticut, homeowners seeking to install swimming pools are particularly drawn to design features that reflect both functionality and luxury, adapting to the region's unique climate and lifestyle preferences. Popular design choices often include hot tubs integrated with the pool area, allowing for year-round enjoyment, especially during the colder months. Many pool installations also feature heating systems, making it possible to extend the swimming season well beyond the summer. Enclosed pools are another sought-after option, providing a way to enjoy swimming in a controlled environment free from the external elements. These enclosed structures often incorporate retractable roofs and sides, offering the flexibility to open up during warmer weather while providing protection and ensuring a longer usability period throughout the year. Additionally, the trend of incorporating natural stone patios and lush landscaping around the pool area is prevalent, blending the pool seamlessly with the scenic, wooded surroundings commonly found in Connecticut. These design elements are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide practical benefits that enhance the overall pool experience.


Locations in Connecticut

Ecopool caters to all cities in Connecticut. From Bridgeport to Hartford, we are proud to serve and deliver across the entire state of Connecticut.

  • Bridgeport
  • New Haven
  • Stamford
  • Hartford
  • Waterbury
  • Norwalk
  • Danbury
  • New Britain
  • + Every other city in Connecticut
Ecopool Swimming Pools in Connecticut
Ecopool Container Swimming Pools in Connecticut


Permits Needed For a Pool in Connecticut

When it comes to securing the necessary permits for installing a swimming pool in Connecticut, it is crucial to navigate the appropriate government websites to ensure compliance with local regulations. The Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is a key resource, offering comprehensive details about building codes and permit requirements, which can be accessed on their official site: Connecticut DAS. For more localized information, homeowners should refer to their municipality's website. Most towns and cities in Connecticut have dedicated building departments that provide guidelines and application forms. For instance, Hartford residents can explore their local regulations at the City of Hartford's official website. Staying informed through these authoritative sources helps streamline the permit acquisition process, ensuring that your pool installation in Connecticut adheres to all necessary legal standards.


A Pool for Every Backyard.

Explore each standard container pool we offer. Want a different size? Contact us and we can make your dreams a reality.

8ft x 20ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Compact

8' x 20'

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8ft x 40ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Ideal Lap Pool

8' x 40'

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16ft x 20ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool The Most Popular

16' x 20'

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16ft x 40ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Spacious

16' x 40'

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16ft x 60ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Gigantic

16' x 60'

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L-Shape Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Unique


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U-Shape Ecopool Container Swimming Pool One of a Kind


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8ft x 60ft Ecopool Container Swimming Pool Expanded Laps

8' x 60'

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