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Installing Ecopool

installing container pool


5 Easy Ways to Install Ecopool

Traditional pool installation was disruptive with long waiting periods. We dared to think differently. Ecopool is built in our factory in Salado, Texas and can be shipped worldwide. Our innovative approach means your pool is ready for enjoyment faster than ever before. Our patented modular swimming pools are designed for quick and easy installation, ensuring a seamless process.

Independent Ecopool Dealer

Cost: $$$

Hire a dealer to set up your pool (subject to availability)

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General Contractor to setup

Cost: $$$

Hire a general contractor for the set up

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Direct Hire Subcontractors

Cost: $$

Save money by direct hiring 3 subcontractors for site prep, electric and delivery.

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FastTrack™ for On-Ground

Cost: $

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Container Swimming Pool Install

COST: $$$

Independent Ecopool Dealer

Choose an Independent Ecopool Dealer for professional installation. Our dealers are trained experts, ensuring your pool is set up perfectly. Contact Us to get help connecting an independent Ecopool dealer.

Cost: $$$

General Contractor Setup

Hire a general contractor to manage the entire installation process. This option provides a balance of professional expertise and convenience. With an easy installation process, it is simple and easy.

Shipping Container Swimming Pool
Container Swimming Pool Install Arizona

Cost: $$

Direct Hire Subcontractors

Save on costs by directly hiring subcontractors for site preparation, electrical work, and pool delivery. This method allows for a more customized and budget-friendly installation. By being your own contractor, you can save thousands and get a pool in your backyard without lifting a finger.

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Cost: $

FastTrack™ On-Ground Installation

Our FastTrack™ option is the quickest and most economical way to install your Ecopool. Exclusive to Texas currently. Ideal for on-ground installations with minimal site preparation required.

You'll provide a flat, prepared site (packed decomposed granite or concrete) and we will deliver your pool ready to add water.

Add an on-ground pool to your flat, prepared site in just under 30 minutes.

Electric: You'll need a 115-volt GFCI outlet or we offered a solar powered pump to eliminate the need to connect to your electric source.

Plumbing: Your pool will come pre-plumbed from the factory

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Ecopool Fast Track Install
L-Shape Container Swimming Pool

Cost: $

DIY Installation

Opt for a DIY installation to save on labor costs. Follow our comprehensive guides to set up your pool with confidence. Perfect for the hands-on homeowner.

How to DIY


Swim in less than 1-3 Days

No matter which installation method you choose, Ecopool provides the support and resources you need to enjoy your new pool. From professional setups to DIY guides, we ensure a seamless installation experience tailored to your preferences and budget.

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