Best Shipping Container Pools of 2024

Explore the top container pools shapes and sizes of the year

Best Shipping Container Pools of 2024

Shipping container swimming pools are everywhere these days, and it’s not hard to see why. With installation as quick as same-day and an affordable price tag, container pools are making the splash as this year’s must-have backyard addition. But let’s be clear – not all container pools are in the same league.

What is a shipping container pool?

Imagine transforming a shipping container into a sleek, modern swimming pool. That's exactly what a shipping container pool is—a creative and eco-friendly twist on traditional swimming pools.

Ecopool container pool photo
Modern shipping-container pools

At Ecopool, we take this innovation further. Each pool boasts a Zycore Membrane, providing a smooth and luxurious interior finish. This isn't just any pool surface. It’s a canvas where you can choose from an array of colors, textures, and patterns to match your personal style and backyard vibe. It’s modern swimming made stylishly simple.

Why a shipping container pool?

Imagine this: your pool is installed the same day it arrives. That’s the reality with shipping container swimming pools. Skipping the lengthy construction process of traditional swimming pools that can take months, Ecopool allows your pool to be installed same-day for above-ground or as little as 1-3 days for inground pools.

Ecopool container pool crane
Created from single-use containers and transformed into a modern pool

With the ability to be installed inground, above-ground, or partially above-ground, the possibilities are endless. Design your pool with a window, ledge, stairs, benches, and more. From there, your custom pool is delivered to your door ready to be installed.

Ecopool above-ground container pool photo
Place a container pool inground or above-ground: the choice is yours

The best part? Shipping container pools are more affordable than traditional swimming pools. With a superior Zycore Membrane, modern design, and custom build, you can be swimming in just a few days with Ecopool.

What to look for in a container pool

You’ll want to look for 3 main things when shopping for a container pool:

  1. Smooth vs Corrugated Walls
  2. Interior Options
  3. Modular Design

Smooth vs Corrugated Walls

When it comes to container pools, the type of interior walls you choose will affect both the aesthetics and the functionality of your pool. In the world of shipping container pools, two primary styles have emerged: smooth and corrugated walls. Corrugated walls are harder to clean and cost less to produce. However, modern container pools have completely smooth interior walls that emphasize a modern design and ease of maintenance.

Ecopool Interior 3D Tile Zycore
All Ecopool interiors are completely flat and smooth, without corrugation

Interior Options

Some container pools simply spray on polymer and call it a day. You’ll want to avoid these pools, as they can be prone to water stains or even rust. The best container pools uses an interior liner, such as Zycore, that cannot rust and utilizes stylish designs such as tile, textures, and solid colors.

Ecopool Interior options
Ecopool offers various interior colors, textures, and patterns.

Modular Design

A truly modular pool design is like having a set of LEGOs at your disposal but for constructing your dream pool. This innovative approach allows you to connect multiple container pools, creating any shape and size to precisely fit your needs and space. Whether it's a simple rectangular pool or a more complex L-shaped or U-shaped design, the flexibility is unparalleled.

Ecopool Sizes
Ecopool offers any shape and size with a patented modular design

The Best Shipping-Container Pools of 2024

When it comes to transforming your backyard, Ecopool leads the way with a modular design, smooth walls, and Zycore interior. With an innovative patented design, Ecopool leads the way with the best shipping-container pools of 2024. Each pool is handcrafted in Salado, Texas and delivered to your door.

While other container pool companies offer 1-2 solid colors for the interior, Ecopool offers nearly a dozen interiors from tile, stone pattern, and solid colors. The patented modular design of Ecopool allows pools to connect like LEGOS to offer a shape and size for every backyard. So, let’s dive into the top container pools of the year:

8 x 20 Ecopool Container Pool

The perfect plunge pool

Made for those with smaller spaces or seeking a compact plunge pool, the 8 x 20 Ecopool is the perfect aquatic retreat. Despite its modest footprint, the 8 x 20 Ecopool doesn’t compromise on usability or style. Ideal for cooling off, swimming, or just enjoying the moment.

8 x 20 Ecopool container pool
The 8' x 20' Ecopool container pool

Ecopool’s signature 8 x 20 fits almost anywhere. From a rooftop pool to the rolling hill country, this pool is a great addition to any backyard. One of the most popular sizes, you can add features like a ledge, stairs, or even a window!

8 x 40 Ecopool Container Pool

The best lap pool

This pool is a haven for swimmers everywhere. The 8 x 40 Ecopool is the best lap pool. With 40ft in length, it is ideal for swimming laps. Start your day with a swim or unwind in the pool in the evening. This pool does it all.

8 x 40 Ecopool container pool
The 8' x 40' Ecopool container pool

Add features like corner stairs, a ledge, or even a window to view the pool. Popular among swimmers, this pool is a favorite of many. Want a larger lap pool? Check out our 8’ x 60’ container pool.

16 x 20 Ecopool Container Pool

The family favorite

Meet the 16 x 20 Ecopool , where space and fun merge to create the ultimate swimming pool. Thanks to Ecopool's patented modular design, this model doubles the width of the 8 x 20, offering a vast backyard oasis.

16 x 20 Ecopool container pool
The 16' x 20' Ecopool container pool

Its perfectly rectangular shape is ideal for those who crave extra room to relax, play, and swim. Whether it's hosting pool parties, enjoying a game of volleyball, or simply unwinding on a lazy afternoon, this pool is a crowd-pleaser, ensuring there's always room for one more.

16 x 40 Ecopool Container Pool

Ultimate Luxury

Step into the 16 x 40 container pool , the flagship model of Ecopool, designed for those who think big. This container pool is a haven for both avid swimmers and families, providing expansive space for play, exercise, and ultimate relaxation.

16 x 40 Ecopool container pool
The 16' x 40' Ecopool container pool

It's large enough to feature baja ledges and stairs without sacrificing any swimming area, making it a luxurious option for homeowners looking for a significant upgrade. The 16 x 40 isn’t just a pool; it's a lifestyle, offering endless possibilities for enjoyment and leisure.

The U-Shape Ecopool


Our U-Shape pool is in a league of its own. Unlike any other design on the market, this pool offers an innovative approach to a swimming pool. The U-Shape pool can wrap around your space, creating an ideal place for a fireplace, sundeck, or even a garden!

U-shape Ecopool container pool
The U-shape Ecopool container pool

This distinct design enhances and seamlessly blends into your property. It’s the ideal pool for those who love hosting and want their pool to be the centerpiece of their gatherings.

The L-Shape Ecopool


The L-Shape Ecopool truly maximizes every square inch of your backyard. With the clever design, you can install a Baja ledge in one corner for sunbathing and lounging, while reserving a separate zone for swimming.

L-shape Ecopool container pool
The L-shape Ecopool container pool

This layout is a family favorite because it allows for distinct areas that cater to relaxation and exercise simultaneously. It’s a practical choice that enhances the usability of your space, ensuring that every member of the family can enjoy the pool in their way. The L-Shape pool adds a unique aesthetic touch that blends seamlessly in your backyard.

Custom Container Pool

Tailored to your backyard

For those who dream of a truly unique pool, a custom Ecopool could be for you. Become the designer of your backyard oasis. If our standard shapes and sizes don’t fit your vision, we can tailor a pool that does. With a true modular design, any shape and size is possible. Let your pool become a statement and reflect your creativity.

Waterfall splash container pool
Endless possibilities

The Ecopool Difference

Based in Salado, Texas, Ecopool takes a new approach to shipping container pools. With a modern, German-engineered Zycore™ membrane, 8-layer proprietary layer wall, and a modular design, Ecopool builds luxurious shipping-container pools that are stronger, quicker to install, and more affordable than traditional pools.

Zycore Architectural Membrane: The Core of Beauty and Strength

At the heart of every Ecopool lies the Zycore Architectural Membrane. This isn’t just any pool lining; it’s a revolution in pool surface technology. Designed to deliver a luxurious finish, the membrane offers a variety of interior colors, textures, and patterns. Beyond its visual appeal, the membrane provides enhanced durability and resistance to weather and wear, ensuring your pool looks stunning year after year.

Woman swimming in Ecopool container pool
Relax inside an Ecopool

8-Layer Proprietary Wall Design: Engineered for Excellence

Ecopool’s 8-layer proprietary wall design is what gives their pools unmatched structural integrity. With 5 times more steel than traditional pools, an Ecopool can withstand shifting, settling, and more without cracking or breaking. Without the need to redo the interior every few years, Ecopool provides a shipping container pool that is built for a lifetime.

Ecopool Layer
Ecopool utilizes an 8-layer design with Zycore™ Membrane

Modular Design: Flexibility Meets Functionality

The modular design of Ecopool’s containers is a game-changer in pool installation and customization. This approach allows for a range of sizes and configurations, from compact 8 x 20 feet pools to expansive 16 x 40 feet models, as well as innovative shapes like U-shape and L-shape. The modular system allows Ecopool to be installed in as little as 1-3 days for inground and same-day for above-ground – something no other pool can say.

Ecopool Tesla Truck Pulling
Streamlined shipping with Ecopool's truly modular design


When designing your container pool, the possibilities are endless. There are a lot of features that you can add to your pool. From windows to Baja ledges, here are the top features you’ll want to look for when building your pool.

Windows: A Clear View of Fun

Incorporating windows into your container pool design isn't just about letting in light—it's about creating a visual spectacle. Imagine swimming up to a clear wall and peering into your garden or watching your kids play from underwater. Windows adds a dramatic touch and can make your swimming experience truly immersive.

Ecopool in Texas hill country
Take a look into your pool with a window

Baja Ledges: Shallow, Chic, and Sun-Soaked

A Baja ledge is the ultimate upgrade for those who enjoy lounging in the water just as much as swimming. Perfect for setting up a lounge chair, this shallow area allows you to bask in the sun while staying cool. It’s ideal for small children to splash safely or for adults to relax with a drink in hand.

Stairs: Step In with Style

Adding stairs to your container pool enhances accessibility and safety, making it easy for everyone to enter and exit the water gracefully. Stairs can be designed as a stylish feature too, perhaps with contrasting colors or materials that highlight the unique architecture of a shipping container pool.

Where to buy

Shop all container pools on our shop page where you can explore all standard shapes and sizes we offer. With demo pools, plunge pools, and lap pools, there is a pool for every backyard and budget. There has never been a better time to install a swimming pool.

Enjoying an Ecopool
The modern container pool

Get a free quote on the pool you want by customizing your own pool in our 3D configurator where you can explore all features and options that we offer.

The Top Shipping Container Pools

There you have it – the top shipping container swimming pools of the year. Whether you want a lap pool, plunge pool, or something else, explore all the shipping-container pools Ecopool has to offer.

Lap pool
A pool like no other

With superior quality, design, and value, our container pools are a top choice for homeowners everywhere. Create your custom container pool in our 3D configurator or browse our shop where you can find our most popular pools.

Can’t find what you’re looking for or need help deciding? We are here to help. Visit our contact page to speak to an Ecopool representative who can help design your dream backyard.